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Ryan Thompson

Date of Birth: January 07, 1985
Position Played: Goal Keeper
Number Worn: 1
Height: 6ft
Weight: 178lbs
School Attended: Camperdown High School/Ardenne High School
National Player: Yes
Level: Under 20
Status: Active

Comments: 'Gadda' is full of joy and spirit and this tumbles over into his game pouring out as zeal. In is early days of learning he travelled to the Disney World International Youth Tournament with the club in 1999 where when he conceded any goal it was followed with tears of disappointment but never did he capitulate, now he has risen to be a National selectee at the Under 23.
So remarkable has his accent that he plays many sports for his school as well as other extra curricular activities in addition to his academics at Ardenne High School. Safe hands guided with an alert mind are a good platform from which to project his football career as a goalkeeper. Champion of the Minor League Under 16 for two years and now the KSAFA Under 20 recently he is the third string keeper behind our two national senior goalkeepers who he can only learn from and keep getting better daily.

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